Basic Windshield

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Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley
Aero Windshield for Harley

Note: Make sure you select the correct year/model for your bike. The 1996-2013 & 2014-2020 Basic Windshields are different & not interchangeable. 

Aftermarket Fairings: There are so many three hole Fairings now available, we cannot guarantee their fitment. Please contact the manufacturer of your Fairing and ask if the Fairing uses a Harley 1996-2013 three hole windshield.

If they say Yes, you can select: Years 1996-2013 , Model Classic then Size & Tint.
Fast Aire will not guarantee fitment into any aftermarket Fairing except Woody's & Reckless Touring Fairing..

The Basic Windshield is designed to offer a rider a budget alternative to the much over priced curved windshields.

The Basic Windshield is cut flat, shipped flat & specifically designed to be formed / curved into the fairing upon installation. It does not cause undue stress on the fairing. Same original design we've sold for 12 yrs. It works great !

- On the Basic Windshield, the two outer mounting holes are regular holes where the center hole is a "key hole" shape. This was done to strengthen the outer corners.

- From the Top of the Fairing edge, right above the center screw ... To the Top of Windshield, in the center. That is the measurement. So if you buy a 8 inch windshield, it will be 8 inches above the Fairing Sightline.

- Our windshields are from an impact resistant , poly-resin acrylic material, .120-125 thick, comparable to material used in aircraft windows and is more scratch resistant than uncoated plain polycarbonate.
Colors: - All colors are solid colored material, not color coated or a film.
- Medium Grey: Is a 33% tint & 50% lighter than Dark Grey. Its a good compromise between Style and Function
- Dark Grey: Is a 65% tint & darkest tint allowed by the DOT. Is a transparent dark grey color ... like looking thru a pair of sunglasses. Easy to see thru during the day, not so easy to see thru at night ... this color maybe too dark at night for some riders.

Fast Aire's windshield is a direct replacement for the stock windshield, installs in about 20 minutes using your stock hardware and it comes with Fast Aire Instructions.

Shipping & Handling
All shipping is by US Postal Priority Mail. Normal delivery to the US is 3-5 business days. If you order by 12 Noon Pacific Time, it may ship the same day. If not, we ship the next business day.

We do not ship the Basic windshield to Canada or Europe unless you contact Fast Aire first..


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